P.O. Box 8311, Morganton, NC 28680

(828) 584-6767


Would you like to VOLUNTEER to help us with our pets and to participate with us
​in some of our public events?

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We are a 100% volunteer organization, with animal caregivers fully paid
for by the Board of Directors.

A Better Life Animal Rescue, Inc.​

P.O. Box 8311 Morganton, NC  28680
​Phone:  (828) 584-6767
Fax:  (775) 201-4286

  • Gwen Hood, President
  • Peg DeMarco, Treasurer
  • Ed Wisnieski, Board Member
  • Lori Rice, Board Member
  • Jennifer Foulides, Board Member
  • Jarrod Bailey, Board Member
  • Nikki Brant, Board Member

​We dedicate space in honor the memories of:

  • Alice Kopacki, for her love of all animals and her tireless efforts in rescue
  • Alice & Charles Carey, Founders of Animal Rescue in Burke County

We pledge to work hard to continue their
dreams and vision for animals.

Our Directors are:

  • Janice Rostan, Honorary Board Member  
  •  George Kopacki, Honorary Board Member
  • Marsha Riddle, Honorary Board Member

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A Better Life Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill foster home-based rescue organization located in Burke County, North Carolina. We do not operate an animal shelter. We rely on volunteer foster families to provide temporary care for rescued dogs and cats until they can either be matched with loving, responsible, permanent adoptive families or until lost pets can be reunited with their own loving families. Our mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and to save dogs and cats whose lives are in jeopardy because of neglect, mistreatment, illness, injury or ignorance. We do this by reporting animal neglect, abuse, mistreatment or cruelty to proper authorities; rescuing pets that are living under unhealthy or unsafe conditions or are being held by activities that kill animals considered to be unadoptable; providing dedicated, loving, temporary foster care for rescued animals; arranging for professional veterninary care for sick or injured animals and for spay/neuter procedures; matching rescued pets with suitable adoptive families; promoting a 100% spay/neuter program; and sponsoring educational programs that focus on animal overpopulation and proper care for pets.  Please check our pages for stories and events. And of course, please check all our animals that need homes.

Who We Are

If you would like to help us care for animals in need,
Please Consider Helping us as a Foster Care-Giver.
(You can find information about fostering at the bottom of this page.)

​If fostering is not for you, consider making a donation to help
​us help the animals.
Simply click over to our "Donate" page and follow the instructions.

We -- and our furry friends -- thank you.

None of our board members receive any compensation.